God can use even me

Ever struggle with wondering if God could use you? As Christians we have recognised our need of a Saviour – we know that no matter how hard we may try we will never be good enough to make it to heaven. We come to the Lord Jesus, confessing our inadequacies, our inabilities, our weaknesses and failings. And Jesus lovingly embraces us and brings us to the Father. We are overwhelmed by the love of God, and long to serve him forever. Then we remember our inadequacies and failings and consider that God could never use us to make any significant difference in this world.

The truth is that we are different now though. We are now children of God. We have been cut free from our failings. We have been given the Holy Spirit, and he is empowering us to bring the love of God to others. We all know that and believe that. Right?

Actually, some of us still struggle to think we have anything to offer. Maybe all of us, sometimes. I recall one particular friend who considered herself very incapable. She informed me that she was totally useless to God and referred to herself as a worm. She still loved the Lord, however, and regularly spent time reading her Bible and praying. One day she went from informing me that God could not use her because she was just a worm, straight to her Bible reading for that day. She was reading in Jonah, and as she read she came across the words “And God appointed a worm.”

No matter how useless we may be in the worlds’ eyes, God is still able to use us to share his love with others. It is not about how good you are at anything, it is about how big our God is. And he is absolutely capable of using you, and me too. We simply need to make ourselves available to him.

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