8 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Exciting!


  2. ‘Loving Nathan’ is above all, an honest book. It hides nothing of the sheer agony of wondering if God cares at all about what you’re going through. After years of earnest prayer and longing for things to change in Nathan’s life, a child who was so deeply loved, God still chose to allow Nathan’s family to suffer his loss. How do you cope with that? Nothing is sugar coated in this retelling of Nathan’s life. The suffering he and his family went through, is clear to see. It’s retold in a style which is easy to read, and although the subject matter is difficult, it is however told without unnecessary embellishment. For anyone struggling to make sense of the cruel things that happen to us, it offers no simple answers, because in life, there often aren’t any. But there is a message of hope here and the miracle: the ability to be able to trust God and to know God’s love again even after your world falls apart. A recommended read, especially for those who are struggling with knowing how to cope when their faith gets shaken.

    Chrissy Dove.


    1. Mary, Good to hear from you after all these years. I just read your Jan 28 blog but did not see how to leave a comment there. Appreciated your reflections and honesty. I too, do not want to be a racist.
      I am looking forward to reading your book about Nathan. Thanks for writing it. For your info, I also tried to go to the contact button of your blog but nothing showed up…



  3. Ian and I have just finished reading ‘Loving Nathan’. It’s been an emotional and inspiring experience. The style of writing makes the book easy to read. It was taking us back to times of sharing your lives, then it felt as we went with you to new horizons. Thank you Mary for sharing your emotions and questions to God so openly. I’m sure it will help others in their faith journey.


  4. Mary, I just read your latest post today ( Feb 16) and wanted to thank you for your reflections. I again found it very difficult to make a post and the only way I could do so was to go back to this, your original post. I feel that you may be missing out on some posts because normally there is a opportunity to post immediately in the area following the latest post. Also, there is still no info in the contact area of your blog.

    I ordered your book about Nathan from Amazon and Wednesday, when I was home sick with the flu, I read the whole book. Thanks for being so honest and vulnerable in your sharing. I think it will be helpful to many. I was especially intrigued by your sharing about heaven and hell in the Appendix. I had read similar summaries but yours summarized well what I also think I believe. Would there be any possibility of having access to the whole Divinity College paper that you wrote on that topic. If it is available please email to horst749@gmail.com




    1. Sorry Doug, I did search for my essay before, but was unable to find it. In the summer we are planning to get rid of some more stuff – maybe I will find it then! If I do I will send it to you.
      Thanks for your encouraging words.


      1. Thanks Mary for your prompt reply. I told Liana about my positive experience in reading your book and she has asked to borrow it.


      2. I think Contacts works now. Let me know.


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