Echo, echo, echo …

Heaven is going to be wonderful, and I personally think that means there will be beaches there. There is nothing better than walking along a sunny beach, paddling in the water which will sometimes be six inches deep, and then soon after it will be less than an inch. A perfect vacation for me is one where the sun shines, someone else does the cooking and cleaning, and the beach is close by. And I recently had a perfect vacation in Cuba.

Part of the joy of a vacation is not being distracted as I talk to the Lord, and listen carefully as he in turn talks to me. I do have daily times with the Lord whilst at home, but there are time restraints. And if work is not calling me away, my dog will be asking for a walk, or supper needs to be prepared, or I need to connect with someone, or – well, you get the picture.

This last vacation one of the things I heard from the Lord was that I was called to be an echo. The Lord told me that I was to repeat the truth that I heard. I think it was a message meant for more than just me.

My heavenly Daddy tells me that I am beautiful. That does not mean that I am going to go and audition for some magazine as a model, but it does mean that I am going to receive the truth that God considers me beautiful. And I do not mean beautiful inside, but outside too! Guess what happens – I have to echo that truth, so I speak out that I am beautiful. And as I begin to consider myself to be beautiful, I make the effort to enhance my beauty, I smile more often, I look for clothes that will say that I care about what I look like rather than suggesting I simply want to be comfortable.

My heavenly Daddy tells me that I am powerful, that my prayers make a difference, that I can make a huge difference in the lives of people around me. I am required to echo the truth, so I speak out that I am powerful. As I embrace that truth, I recognize the necessity to speak positively around other people. I am not helping anyone if I join in with complaining or criticizing. I look for ways to encourage people, to be supportive. At the same time, I remember that I am echoing the truth that God has spoken. I do not agree with telling children that they can do whatever they put their heart to. I have known too many young men who have informed me that they are going to play hockey in the NHL. If God says it, I will agree and say it too. But I am NOT talking about positive confession in order to get what you want. I am simply saying that I am going to agree with what God says, I am going to echo the truth that he speaks to me.

My heavenly Daddy tells me that I am loved, by him. He tells me that he is always with me. I receive that truth, and I will remind myself about it whenever I am feeling down. Being loved by God is pretty cool!

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